Philippine Police Van Rams Protesters at U.S. Embassy, Hurting Dozens
OCT. 19, 2016 [Philippines] [Manila] [SEAsia] [followup, Oct 9-10] [President Duterte's shift toward China?] [see elsewhere in today's external] [use psci 350] [but also interesting is anti-American sentiment among some Filippinoes--hard to tell if it's widespread or among small group of agitators?] [*]
MANILA -- Dozens of protesters were hurt on Wednesday after a Philippine police officer used a van to ram into them during a demonstration against the United States in the capital.
5 Days After Failed Missile Test by North Korea, Another Failure
OCT. 19, 2016 [dateline, ROK] [South Korea] [DPRK] [North Korea] [west's suspicions regarding DRPK's rockets] [use psci 350, 355-455] [followup, Oct 15-16] [use psci 350, 355-455] [another attempt, another failure?] [*]
SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile on Thursday, but the test ended in failure, the United States military said. It was the North's second failed attempt to flight-test that type of missile in five days.
Rodrigo Duterte and Xi Jinping Agree to Reopen South China Sea Talks
OCT. 20, 2016 [China] [PRC] [Beijing] [domestic-internal with clear implications for world politics] [speculation on President Xi's maneuverings before the 2017Party Congress] [apparently, President Xi and President Deterte agree to reopen negotiations over South China Sea] [use psci 350] [followup, Oct 17-18] [many others will be watching (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia)] [*]
BEIJING -- President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines met with China's leader, Xi Jinping, on Thursday, as part of a state visit that the United States is watching closely for further signs of a warming relationship.
Kurdish Forces Open Attack on Mosul From the North
OCT. 20, 2016 [-ir] [Nawaran] [Iraq and Syria in civil wars, basically, that are sectarian] [no greater example of the Sunni-Shi'a sectarian faultline than that that runs through Iraq and Syria] [use 350, 355-455, 463] [followup, Oct 17] [the battle to retake Mosul has begun] [Kurdish forces open a new front to Mosul] [Kurds have been strong allies for U.S. historically but U.S. has hung them out to dry repeatedly] [it's complex: Kurds tend to want independent Kurdistan but neither Iraq, Syria, Turkey, nor Iran wishes to see Kurdistan] [*]
NAWARAN, Iraq -- Kurdish forces opened a new front in the Iraqi campaign to recapture Mosul on Thursday morning as thousands of pesh merga fighters began to attack from the north.
Attack in Afghanistan by Afghan Soldier Kills 2 Americans
OCT. 19, 2016 [Afghanistan] [AfPak] [use 350, 355-455. 463] [since Ghani improved relations with USA] [the new era begins in Afghanistan with U.S. and NATO combat troops withdrawn] [now some 10,000 (13,000) Americans and some Europeans there as advisers only?] [followup, Oct 12-13] [another attack on U.S. personnel there in advisory role] [*]
KABUL, Afghanistan -- An Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of Americans at a military depot near Kabul on Wednesday, killing two and wounding another three in the latest outbreak of "green on blue" insider violence, American and Afghan officials said. [*]
Bollywood Becomes India and Pakistan's Latest Battleground
OCT. 19, 2016 [India] [Pakistan] [Kashmir] [SAsia] [now the cultural war between the two nuclear enemies is on in earnest] [it may seem mildly amuzing but with their history and their nuclear capabilities, it's anything but funny] [use psci 350, 463] [followup, Oct 1-2] [*]
MUMBAI, India -- India and Pakistan, longtime enemies with nuclear arsenals, have battled over borders, killed each other's soldiers and fought three wars since the countries' creation seven decades ago. [*]
Russia Is Moving Ahead With Missile Program That Violates Treaty, U.S. Officials Say
OCT. 19, 2016 [dateline, ?] [Russia] [former USSR] [Cold War redux] [followup, Oct 14] [use psci 350] [according to sources from Obama administration Russia is moving ahead on ground-launched cruise missiles that violates INF (intermediate nuclear forces) treaty] [use psci 350, 355-455] [cross in govt] [*]
Russia appears to be moving ahead with a program to produce a ground-launched cruise missile despite the Obama administration's protests that the weapon violates a landmark arms control agreement, according to American officials and lawmakers.
As New Ukraine Talks Begin, What Is the State of Europe's Only Active War?
OCT. 19, 2016 [Ukraine] [Kiev] [Germany's Chancellor Merkel hosts a meeting today] [aims to see if Russia is willing to negotiate something on Ukraine] [high risk for failure but if it works Merkel could come off in good shape despite the past year in which she and her party have taken a beating] [use psci 350] [*]
KIEV, Ukraine -- With soldiers dying daily in Ukraine, the site of the only active war in Europe, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany will host a meeting on Wednesday to see whether President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia is willing to cut a deal to end the conflict while he also faces pressure from the West over Moscow's role in Syria.
Short-Term Cease-Fire in Yemen Appears Likely
OCT. 18, 2016 [dateline, Lebanon] [Yemen] [Sana] [MENA] [as Yemen continues to endure sheer misery, the Saudis and allies continue to press the war] [followup, Oct 15] [a potential ceasefire in the works?] [use psci 463] [Houthis in Sana say they will allow Saudi delegation through to talk ceasefire terms] [*]
BEIRUT, Lebanon -- War-torn Yemen took a tenuous step toward a short-term cease-fire on Tuesday, as the rebels who control the country's capital said they would hold their fire if a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia stopped its attacks and lifted its blockade of rebel-held territory.
Retaking Mosul From ISIS May Pale to What Comes Next
OCT. 18, 2016 [-ir] [Erbil] [Iraq and Syria in civil wars, basically, that are sectarian] [no greater example of the Sunni-Shi'a sectarian faultline than that that runs through Iraq and Syria] [use 350, 355-455, 463] [followup, Oct 17] [the battle to retake Mosul has begun] [stay tuned] [piece looks at what still lies ahead] [*]
ERBIL, Iraq -- The Iraqi military's operation to retake the northern city of Mosul after more than two years of Islamic State occupation could require months, even with American help. But the recapture may turn out to be the easy part.