Austrians Vote for President in Test of Far Right's Strength
DEC. 4, 2016 [Austria] [Vienna] [internal-domestic unless it protends a broader European phenomenon] [*]
VIENNA -- In a closely watched election, Austrians voted on Sunday for a new president, the climax of a bitter yearlong tussle and the latest test of anti-migrant, anti-Muslim and populist forces rising across the Continent and in the United States.
Matteo Renzi's Fate Is at Stake as Italians Vote in Referendum
DEC. 4, 2016 [Italy] [Rome] [EU] [referendum and Matteo Ranzi] [internal-domestic but if the trend is wider Europe, it's international?] [*]
ROME -- After months of ubiquitous, bitter and incessant campaigning, Italians voted on Sunday on key constitutional changes that have taken on broader significance as both a referendum on Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and a test of strength for anti-establishment forces in Europe. [*]
Extremists Turn to a Leader to Protect Western Values: Vladimir Putin
DEC. 3, 2016 [dateline, ?] [Russia] [former USSR] [this piece is suggesting a connection with Putin and right-wing politics in Europe and elsewhere?] [use psci 350] [*]
As the founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party, an American group that aims to preserve the privileged place of whiteness in Western civilization and fight "anti-Christian degeneracy," Matthew Heimbach knows whom he envisions as the ideal ruler: the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin.
James Mattis, Trump's Choice for Defense, Favors Working With Allies
DEC. 2, 2016 [President-elect Trump] [his selection for secretary of defense, Gen. (retireed) James N. Mattis] [interesting?] [use psci 355-455] [cross in govt] [*]
WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald J. Trump's selection of Gen. James N. Mattis as defense secretary signals a more assertive American posture in the Middle East -- one that people close to him say would most likely include more American troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, more Navy patrols in the Persian Gulf and more fighter jets in the Middle East.
Rodrigo Duterte Says Donald Trump Endorses His Violent Antidrug Campaign
DEC. 3, 2016 [Philippines] [Manila] [SEAsia] [followup, Oct 26] [President Duterte claims President-elect Trump endorsed his anti-drug campaign??] [use psci 350] [assuming Duterte is accurate, where are Trump's experts on foreign policy and why is he making such undisciplined moves?] [*]
MANILA -- President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines said on Saturday that President-elect Donald J. Trump had endorsed his brutal antidrug campaign, telling Mr. Duterte that the Philippines was conducting it "the right way."
Taiwan Call Gives China a Clue on What to Expect From Donald Trump
DEC. 3, 2016 [China] [PRC] [Beijing] [use psci 350] [followup, Nov 29] [in a strange move, President-elect Trump calls Taiwan's leader putting America's one-China policy (since Nixon, 1972 and Shanghai communique) in jeopardy?] [cross in govt] [use psci 350] [this might just be Trump's lack of discipline again?] [*]
BEIJING -- China's leaders have been markedly reticent about what kind of leader they think Donald J. Trump will be. A pragmatic dealmaker, as his business background might indicate? Or a provocateur who tests the ways of statecraft?
Egypt and Turkey Soften Positions on Syria, Benefiting Assad
DEC. 2, 2016 [dateline, Lebanon] [Syria] [MENA] [followup, Nov 29-30] [use psci 350, 463] [both Egypt and Turkey apparently soften their positions vis-à-vis al Assad's government in Syria?] [*]
BEIRUT, Lebanon -- The Syrian government, flush with pivotal battlefield gains and bolstered by support from Iran and Russia, is finding itself the beneficiary of an evolving regional realignment spurred by the war in Syria.
IS Exploits Rain, Hits Iraqi Militias West, South of Mosul
DEC. 3, 2016, 10:54 A.M. E.S.T. [-ir] [Baghdad] [of the Sunni-Shi'a sectarian faultline than that that runs through Iraq and Syria] [use 350, 355-455, 463] [followup, Nov 30] [ISIL strikes back at Iraqi military west and south of Mosul] [*]
BAGHDAD -- Islamic State militants have staged near simultaneous attacks on positions of state-sanctioned militias west and south of Iraq's northern city of Mosul, apparently taking advantage of bad weather conditions that normally disrupt air support, two militia officials said on Saturday.
Trump's Breezy Calls to World Leaders Leave Diplomats Aghast
DEC. 1, 2016 [Obama White House] [114th congress, 2nd session] [from NSC principals to bureaucracy] [now comes the beginning of the interregnum and transition] [use psci 355-455] [followup] [Obama leaves the incoming administration with messes around MENA] [Trump's undisciplined style causing heartburn here and abroad] [cross in societal] [*]
WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald J. Trump inherited a complicated world when he won the election last month. And that was before a series of freewheeling phone calls with foreign leaders that has unnerved diplomats at home and abroad.
Great Barrier Reef Threatened by Climate Change, Chemicals and Sediment
DEC. 1, 2016 [dateline, Australia] [Sydney] [global commons] [climate change] [another scary report for Australia] [use psci 350] [followup, Nov 29] [a pretty considerable trauma to Great Barrier Reef with largest die-off ever recorded] [presumed causes] [*]
SYDNEY, Australia -- Climate change and the flow of farm chemicals and coastal sediment into the waters that wash over one of Australia's most significant nature areas, the Great Barrier Reef, pose the biggest threats to its survival, according to a government report to Unesco released early Friday.